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BOL Vegetable-Tanned Leather Full Hide - Black

BOL Vegetable-Tanned Leather Full Hide - Black

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Colour: Black
Thickness: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm (+/-0.2mm)
Whole Hide Size: ≥25 Sq·Ft


Color: Black

Size: ≥25 Sq·Ft

Thickness: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm

Grade: A (Premium Grade)

Utilization: ≥90%

Hardness: Firm texture

Premium Leather

BOL premium coloured vegetable tanned leather is made from raw hides raised in temperate regions of EU. Processed through an environmentally friendly tanning process using purely natural vegetable tanning agents that are completely harmless to the human body. 

Use Cases

1mm: Suitable for bag linings, wallets, cardholders, and fashion accessories, offering flexibility and a smooth texture.

2mm: Ideal for belts, handbags, purses, and footwear components, providing a balance between flexibility and sturdiness.

3mm: Perfect for heavy-duty belts, structured bags, saddlery, and furniture, offering maximum durability and rigidity.

Widely applicable, with excellent water and oil absorption properties and environmentally friendly processing, making this leather suitable for a variety of products from fashion items to home furnishings. Due to the high-quality nature of this vegetable-tanned leather, it can be further processed through techniques such as oil treatment, wax treatment, or distressing to meet specific surface or aesthetic requirements, thereby achieving more diverse and personalized product outcomes.

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